Yes I would buy from this company again.this is moly. She loves all her new toys. I got her from cute Siberian cats. She has been with me 4 months now and I love her so much. When I first saw her photo on their website I instantly loved her. She has so much personality , she makes me laugh everyday. Thank-you for letting me bring this cute little girl home. She gave cats kisses right when she arrived. Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.



It's been around 2 years since we got Pyro and he is a joy! He's grown up into a floppy cat! He's an adorable cat and it's been my pleasure to own him as well as the family. He's learned how to play catch instead of dropping the ball. Thank you for blessing me and my family with this wonderful Cat!



Hello there


they are just great cats and have been adjusting just fine. My heart is off to you, you are doing a great job! They have very good temperaments and are very healthy and active. They really are so close and love each other. Loki is more brave, but Zulu will just love to give you sugar. We had our first object knocked off a counter this weekend but that is par for the course with active cats. Stacy is so very happy.




We traveled all the way from  NY thinking its wasn't real, we receive the shock of our life seeing the most beautiful cats, they we AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!


it was not easy to make a choice but we finally settled on one


he is very healthy playful and is friendly with our maltese puppy, i do wish we have the opportunity again to buy another one,






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